The 1st transport marketplace in Eastern Europe offering fully digitized, transparent, AI-enabled logistic solutions. 12 years ago we realised that international freight transportation was facing significant issues both locally and internationally. It has not seen any major improvements in the last 20 years, it does not implement the use of any new technologies and many of the old processes could be automatized through the use of new applications. In Eastern Europe 90% of companies send documents and invoices through mail or through fax, expenses are often hidden, trucks don’t use intelligent GPS modules and those that do face increased monthly costs. Dispatchers still have to guide trucks through phone calls and this often leads to them only being able to handle 5 or 6 shipments a day. Thus it is much harder for them to find shipments for their trucks. A dispatcher will generally use a multitude of websites to find cargo and sometimes they end up bidding on transports which have been booked through a different platform since there is no interconnectivity between them. Transportation companies and drivers have been waiting for a solution to help them become more efficient and productive, spending less time going through the same daily processes. If we look at the economic data at a macro level, we can see that even new companies use the same system since they have no alternative.

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